Laura Miti

Job Seekers Should Leave President Hichilema to Appoint Capable People Including those that Served in PF- LAURA MITI

There is a big hullabaloo on Zambian Watchdog and other spaces about PF appointees that have not been fired. They are supposed to be undermining the new government.

Hmm kaya.

Me thinks the noise is led by people who want, or believe they are owed jobs mwe, ndaba kulibe🤭.

Mwandi HH, you do not owe half of Zambia cushy jobs. Public appointments should go to the best, even if they were initially appointed by PF. It is about service delivery not rewards.

Only those who got in via cadreism and are clearly unqualified for the positions they hold; or are known to have caused the nation harm, should go. At PS and Director level, these should be replaced by competent people even if “they did nothing” to achieve the change of government.

Having served under PF is not itself a crime.


  1. HH should give an ear to this credible citizen LAURA MITI. We don’t want to maintain people who will undermine UPND integrity. Flush out PF cadres in Ministries and Parastatal Organisations so that your development strategy is not undermined. Let the UPND intelligence system assist HH. People are in a hurry to see results of change of government.


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