By Mabvuto Phiri

It is clear that the digital age is a cursed period for Zambia in that illicit activities not meant for public consumption continue to emerge on various media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Unfortunately, the latest to have fallen prey to this abuse is the country’s Education Minister, David Mabumba, who’s alleged ‘disgraced’ Katundu video currently dominates the space.

Social media is damaging, breaking and hurting so many innocent souls, the man is human and bound to error before him being a minister, he is prone to sin too just like we all have sinned differently in private because we are not Godly.

Let’s be like a wise son of Noah who covered his father when he got drunk and naked. What does a son/daughter benefit from celebrating the nakedness of his/father in this case the disgruntled minister? No matter what happens Hon. Mabumba based on his age and position in our society remains a father figure to all of us, but to go ahead and distribute his video to prospective generations is a huge disservice to this country.

It is therefore, disheartening that many of us are seeing this with a political lense rather than as a national disaster that brings into discussion a total collapse in our moral standing, as a nation considering that the man at the centre of controversy is a ‘national leader.’ Leaders are chosen by God.

As a writer, it is not my wish to portray myself as a ‘moral compass’ or as someone who possess ‘moral superiority’ because l am none of that for me to advocate for either his dismissal or resignation owing to what he does behind the public eye. What the minister recorded or whoever did so, was never meant for public consumption but private purposes only.

However, it speaks volumes of the kind of a people that we are. I personally feel that the ‘dishonourable’ minister is a victim of circumstances, who society should instead sympathise with rather than bully because he is equally human besides being a leader. ‘He who has not sinned must be the first to stone him’ especially that this country is anchored on christian principles.

I am of the view that if convicted the minister should immediately be used as ambassador and model against publication and distribution of pornographic material.

Moreover, the Honourable deserves a second chance and this will have to take true and sound leadership from President Edgar Lungu in dealing with the matter at hand and not opinion of the public court.

Additionally, l was hoping for once that religious Affairs Minister, Godfridah Sumaili should have shut her mouth because she is worst than Honourable Mabumba, hypocrisy! At the highest order!

Why are we mocking a man, who needs our help?



  1. Mabvuto Phiri. Stop this nonsense of saying leaders are chosen by God. Unfortunately social media technology cannot be forced to cover the nakedness of your God chosen former Minister of Education. I would never subscribe to a God who keeps pardoning immoral activities done either in private or public. Why do you attack the Religious Minister as a hypocrite when she too is “a leader chosen by your God”? You are the characters who think a president who appoints ministers is a God. If you think it is immoral to display one’s genitals on camera, then go and advice the former minister to apologise to the affected public who were compelled to watch this disgusting video.

  2. Honourable Mabumba was not chosen by God. He was voted MP by the people In his constituency and endorsed by one Edgar Chagwa Lungu by appointing him minister. What kind of a God will appoint thieves, grand Madam’s and porn stars to lead his people ? Too much religion blinds people and shallows their capacity to make rational decisions.

  3. Rom 13:1 is one the most misinterpreted verses in the bible. The verse does not say that leaders are chosen by God but that leadership or authority is ordained by God. God does not choose leaders for us humans do that, God allows us to choose the leaders for ourselves and therefore when we choose bad leaders, don’t blame God for our failures to make right choices.
    In other words, God ordains institutions of power or authority and not individuals occupying them, choosing the occupants of these institutions of authority is humanity’s job to do.


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