Kaizer Zulu


The Lusaka High Court judge Wilfred Muma has recused himself from handling a case in which Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu and three others are accused of kidnapping and assaulting four Lusaka residents.

Justice Muma says there is a growing conflict of interest as he personally knows Kaizer Zulu.

In this matter, four Lusaka men have sued Kaizer Zulu and his acquaintances in the Lusaka High Court for allegedly beating and kidnapping them on accusations that they were taking pictures of his speed boat at Chita Lodge, in Kafue.

The four are seeking damages for assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and among other claims, have stated that Kaizer Zulu in particular, fired several shots in the air while continuously assaulting them with his pistol and also pointing it to their heads with threats of killing them.



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