Flashback (By Antonio Mwanza)

Just stop arming and sponsoring cadres for violence instead of calling for prayers-FDD

In Exodus 20:7 The Lord God Almighty warns that thou shall not use His name in vain. In Proverbs 29:2 scripture tells us that when good men are in authority the people rejoice but when evil men are in power the people cry. James 2:14-26 teaches us that faith without action is dead. My brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?

Therefore we have received the call by President Edgar Lungu for us to have national prayers over political violence with a pinch of salt. Isn’t Mr Lungu the same man that called for prayers on the 18th of October that turned out to be a political gathering were some clergy used God’s name to endorse President Lungu for political office? What have we seen after those prayers: more violence and more police brutality.

We all need to be honest enough and ask ourselves the following questions:
1. Who is arming cadres with guns, pangas, military fatigue, money and beer? Is it God or it’s us politicians?
2. Who is in charge of the police and all armed forces?
3. Who is preaching hatred and abusing state power? Is it God or it is us politicians?
4. Who is abetting and tolerating violence? Is it God or it is us politicians?

Brethren, tulayangasha Lesa. Lesa alakanda. Just stop arming and sponsoring cadres for violence. Allow the police to do their job professionally. And allow us all to enjoy our fundamental rights and liberties to campaign and assemble freely. Don’t use God’s name for political expediency.



  1. Now the idiot is on the same table with the Devil his language has completely changed. Zambia does not need such politicians. Stomach oriented politicians like Antonio Mwanza are dangerous for our beloved country. Zambians should reject such myopic politicians. Do such politicians deserve to lead God’s people? The answer is a big NO! These politicians are gathering fire wood of charcoal on top of their heads because the day to account for their dealings will soon come. Just after voting all boarders must be closed until all these hyenas and jackals are rounded up. Most of them will start running away from their shadows even before 2021 elections are held. Mark these words.


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