By Zambia Eagle


Patriotic Front ( PF) Justice Minister Given Zayelo Lubinda has finally tasted his own bitter medicine.


According to what the Eagle witnessed immediately after the landing, he [ Zayelo] had an argument with cadres at the market before they clobbered him and punched his light complexion skin nicely before he rushed to Kabwata Police Station to report his cadres.


It’s believed that cadres and marketeers are not impressed with Lubinda’s leadership both in the Ministry and Parliamentary level. He approached the cadres in a magestically pompous manner which led him to the lesson he will never forget.


We will soon post the video and hear how he cried in Lozi, meantime, the Eagle is flying above Kabwata Police Station to zoom the docket open by coward Lubinda.

Source: Zambia Eagle



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