K12,000 ($1,000) REWARD

This message is for Zambians all over the world.

We are glad to inform the general public that the UPND diaspora chapter Office based in Dallas Texas USA is offering a $1000 US or (K12,000 Zambian kwacha equivalent) to any Zambian citizen who will be able to provide us with full information of the PF thugs who openly insulted and threatened Dr Chishimba Kambwili and his late mother with killing, sodomy and other evil acts.

In order to claim the whole cash, the following information is required to be submitted to Dallas chapter as soon as possible.

1) Their full Names (culprits in that video), pictures and video are available.

2) Their physical addresses where they live within Zambia.

3). Their Personal Phone numbers or NRCs.

4) Names of any of their family members such as wives, kids, parents or brothers.

5). Addresses of their jobs or business if at all they work or own business. Even addresses of the schools where the children go can help us even if their kids are in pre-school.

The identity of the informant will be kept as top secret. To make sure your identity is well secure; a special email has been created specifically for this purpose: [email protected] or whatsapp us on +1 (682) 414-1737

As Zambians we shall not allow vagabonds to drag our country into such lawlessness. This case must be closed fairly with or without the compromised PF police under their carder – IG Katanga.

Attached are pictures and video of the wanted culprits. Let us put these thugs where they belong. Thanks for your help in identifying these criminals.

By Secretary General for UPND Dallas Chapter


  1. This is unacceptable, if pf has anyone worth calling a leader within their ranks these thugs will be brought to justice.we are watching you as people of Zambia


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