Suspended vulgar language UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) last night insulted UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and entire membership.

In a whatsapp group message, GBM wrote “kabiyeni Uko naka chikala ka HH kenu”.

After members tried to advice Mr. Mwamba against insults and usage of vulgar language as a national leader, GBM again wrote “muli tupuba twansala bonse mu UPND”.

Group members were questioning GBM why he rushed to the media to disparage the entire UPND leadership when he could have used established channels of communication within the party.

Others were questioning GBM why he thought Northern Province was his alone when he was a national leader who should look at the interest of the entire membership from all provinces.

UPND members were also questioning GBM why he was supporting lower party structures that were suspending the senior leaders in the party.

“Mr. Vice President, how would you feel if it was you being suspended by junior party officials,” asked a group member.

Another one asked “ba Veep, don’t you think you are promoting anarchy in the party going by those audios where you say party officials from Northern Province can only be disciplined by you and not the party Secretary General or any other leaders”.

“Mr. Veep, since I am from Central Province, does it mean t am not answerable to you as my boss”

“Ba veep, where have you been for sometime now where you missed campaigns in Sesheke, Kafue, Roan and Bahati Constituencies. Don’t you think you called for this mistrust among other leaders yourself.

“Bane let’s just move on. It seems bachikulile ba veep was just looking for an excuse to leave the party. If he is genuine, he has 7 days to apologize. It’s just a suspension not expulsion after all”.

“We need discipline at all levels and our seniors must particularly lead by example”.

“What party and culture are we creating by saying HH can only discipline people from Southern Province, Katuka can only discipline people from North Western Province, etc.

“Hahaha some of us are from Chambia, and I am the only one from China in the UPND, I can’t be disciplined by anyone not even HH. Elo nga namituka in my Chinese language, you won’t even know. I am starting Chinese insults tomorrow morning”.


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