Chief Mpezeni
Chief Mpezeni

KA MPEZENI KALI CHENJELA…He has read the political mood, says Mucheleka

By Daily Revelation Reporters

Kalichenjela ka Mpezeni, he has seen the mood of the people, says opposition UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka.

And Zambia’s former Ambassador to Australia George Zulu said what the paramount chief of the Ngoni people, Mpezeni has said about welcoming those from the opposition is a true representation of paramount chieftaincy.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the Mpezeni’s statement to Daily Revelation that he would welcome opposition politicians to the palace despite endorsing President Edgar Lungu, Mucheleka said Mpezeni had realised that he needed to open doors to the opposition, as he is reading the political mood in the country.

“He is reading the mood of the people, he (earlier) said he didn’t want the opposition, so he has seen. Kalichenjela ka Mpezeni, nakamona (He’s a clever man, he has seen the mood); that’s why he’s opened doors to the opposition,” Mucheleka said, claiming that the UPND and their candidates like Reuben Mtolo Phiri (Chipata-Central) were having a field day. “He’s very clever, he has opened his eyes because he has read the mood of the people…he has seen and come back to his senses. Alichenjela.”

Mucheleka welcomed the position taken by the paramount chief to embrace everybody.

And Amb Zulu said he was proud as a Ngoni that such pronouncements had come from his paramount chief, saying the Mpezeni had now received the spirit of Nsingo, of protecting the standing of the Ngoni people.

He said that was what he knew his paramount chief for.

Amb Zulu further explained why he and his friend Colonel Panji Kaunda had issues with President Lungu’s ruling party.

He said having worked with the late president Michael Sata in 2011 to remove the MMD under the Zambia people’s pact, something he said the late president acknowledged in his inaugural speech, President Lungu had failed to carry on with the ideals of the rule of law and fight against corruption.

He said it was the same Sata who sent him to talk to opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on the need for the opposition to come together, but it could not be effected after the two leaders failed to agree on who would lead the pact.

Amb Zulu said president Sata rightly acknowledged in his inaugural speech that the corruption in the then ruling MMD had created a strong basis for the Zambian people to support the PF.

But asked what he would do in the event the UPND win the 2021 elections and failed to live up to the same ideals of strengthening state institutions and fight against corruption, Amb Zulu said: “If those ideals are not there there is no reason why we could stay. We can’t stay if those ideals are abandoned. (Even in the case of PF) we want PF to live to those ideals.”

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  1. This is really one dull party, indeed. You want votes & you go & call a paramount chief ati “ka”. I now see why Chitimukulu can’t stand their disrespect. For a party that won’t make State House in 2021, it would be to their advantage if they can learn some respect. In 2026 they will need these chiefs they are disrespecting.


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