Kabanshi demands posch ride to prison

AFTER being handed a two-year jail term for corruption, Emerine Kabanshi yesterday left onlookers shocked as she calmly strutted out of the courtroom waving and smiling instead of wailing and groaning in disbelief over her jailing.

Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale sentenced the former minister of community development and social services to two years imprisonment after convicting her of wilful failure to comply with the law and applicable procedure or guidelines 32(2)(b) of the Anti Corruption Commission Act no.3 of 2012 laws of Zambia.

After the ruling, Kabanshi leisurely strolled off from her box and removed her gold jewellery and fur coats before taking some catwalk steps to vehicles which would transport her.

The scene left the spectators whispering in each other’s armpits that either her handbag contained a pre-written pardon or perhaps her confidence came from knowledge of the new law on convicts taking two-week breaks to stroll around town for pizza and juice.

But perhaps more bizarre was when she was led to the Hilux which was going to be used to take her to prison.

Kabanshi refused to board the dilapidated Hilux instead demanding for the ACC’s beautiful blue vehicle for her trip to jail.

“Victor emotoka wala ntwalamo iyi! awe, ndefwaya iya blue (is this the vehicle you will use to take me to prison I need the blue one (nice car),” requested Kabanshi.

And when asked over her jailing, Kabanshi who the court said was brutal in her corruption as she fired or transferred those who had stood in her way, however, said she left everything to God.

With her 100% pure Peruvian wig intact, she was granted her desired Hilux ride to jail where she remains over this weekend.

#CAPTION: File photo for illustration



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