Kabwe Based Musician DRIMZ Tells Off PF Leaders In Kabwe

Kabwe Based Musician DRIMZ Tells Off PF Leaders In Kabwe

Wake Up Call….

Speaking As A kabwe Resident and Within The Confines of My Democratic Rights..

Honourable Mushanga ,Honourable Ngulube And His Worship Mayor Chileshe, Chilishani Zoona… What’s your plan about Kabwe Roads? Bwacha Road was Tarred some two three years ago but today it looks like a complete War zone.. Katondo And Chowa Roads lukungu lweka fye, Feeder roads like mukonchi and Mulungushi road bulanda bushala.. Make me understand, how does kabwata constituency manage to get almost all its roads done and yet a small constituency like Kabwe central fail to have a serious road project in three years ai?

Are we only going to be subjected to seeing roads being graded when there is a presidential Visit on the Cards? What have We benefited economically from the Central Expo which was held some months ago to which huge sums of money where spent on to host it? Or maybe we should wait for another few years for us to see the benefits? And We are sitting on a time bomb…. The poverty levels keep increasing everyday and this in the near future could spell the raise In criminal activities just for people to survive.

You might not agree with this but mark my words.Poverty will push alot of people into doing anything for them just to survive. Don’t come here and say we shouldn’t wait for Govt, then what’s the duty of Govt which we elect Aini? 2021 is fast approaching, what are you going to tell the youths you promised a better life and they keep seing worser days everyday?
The farmer you promised cheap fertiliser? Mukasonta Pesa Kanabesa Ba Mushanga,Ba Ngulube naba Chileshe.

Bombeleni abantu.. And we are here to work with you to better this place we all call home..#BikenimoEffort. Twanaka Nefisungu Fyenu PA Radio Gentlemen.. Good morning



  1. Comment:Chachine boi aba ama guyz bayasana am from kabwe but now reside in Lusaka man kabwe is a village in central Zambia I feel ashemed when am passing going to other towns its no longer the kabwe we used to know,ama guyz they are just too talkertive for nothing I hope balebelega.

  2. Well said my dear its a very sad situation things are very bad there is no development in kabwe We keep voting year in year out but no change the roads are bad. Can we have something done before we vote in 2021. please twapapata

  3. Comment:tell them they only think about there own problems selfish leaders big liars better u stop calling yourselves as country leaders u ar only leaders to your home & your families not to citizen of zAmbia

  4. This is a waste of govt brother, it irritates like every day if I look at kabwe town even talk of Kitwe town potholes everywhere with Central town but busy building malls and name after them as if fwamano balepanga ma rubbish nd full of shameless idiots

  5. Comment: Believe u me I like what drimz our one and only guy said. Kabwe is worse in terms of roads development and nothing is been down about it, if u look at mpima road it’s the worset of all prison of there what is your take about that tell us. Anther thing is u know that in kabwe they is no jobs we youths depend on one thing that’s been a driver with these roads when the car is damaged your job is finished please help us. The voice of a concerns citizen kabwe.


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