HARRY Kalaba says Christians must not relent to give back to the Lord what He has blessed them with.

Meanwhile, Kabwe’s St Monica’s Parish priest Fr Bartholomew Mukuka has given Kalaba, the opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, a merit for not practicing politics of insults.

Kalaba was invited to attend mass to celebrate the feast of Matron Saint, St Monica combined with harvest Sunday in Kabwe.

In an interview on Sunday, Kalaba said the celebration was: “basically about giving back to the Lord what He has blessed us with.”

“We must not relent to give back the fruits of hard labour to the Lord,” Kalaba said

When called to greet the congregants, Kalaba dwelled on talking about the essence of national unity and the need for Christians to be intercessors for all politicians in the country.

Afterwards, Fr Mukuka addressed the congregants and said: “when politicians stand, even on the podium of a Church, all their speeches are usually divisive.”

“But with what Mr Kalaba has said, you would want to continue listening to him pantu takuli namashiwi aya kapatulula (because there are no divisive words in his speech). Ours is not to divide but to unite!”

“Sometimes I tend to wonder whether our politicians have children; what you say is picked up by the public, including children. So, be careful with what you say as politicians because even your own children are able to get what you say. So, what will stop such children to stop insulting others?”

The clergyman reminded political leaders to always lead by example.

“We have to give you (Kalaba) a merit because you don’t insult. But most of our children do insult, despite having children. May God continue blessing you and see you…” said Fr Mukuka.


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