“She is very beautiful and sexually attractive”

Police in Kabwe have arrested a soldier of Chimani-mani Compound after he admitted raping/defiling his 12 year old biological daughter, Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga has said. Speaking in Kabwe this morning, Mr Katannga said the named soldier alleged raped his daughter on Thursday last week (15th August 2019) around 21:30 hours but was only arrested yesterday for he has been on the run after from Friday last week after the abused girl’s auntie (sister to the defiler- soldier) reported him to police. The defiler is said to have taken advantage of his wife’s absence to force himself on his own daughter.

Meanwhile, during police interrogations in Kabwe this morning, the defiler told police he was forced to defile his own daughter because she is ‘very beautiful and attractive’. He said he was jealousy that other young boys would test her first but was quick to point out that he regretted his action no-wander he runaway after defiling her. He added that he wanted to kill himself after defiling his daughter but realized his children would suffer. He said his satanic actions were aided by the alcohol which he had taken on Thursday. He pleaded with Mr Chola Katanga (Police Commissioner) to forgive him for what he did to his own daughter, but Mr Katanga refused to listen to the defiler’s plea and has this afternoon announced that the solder will have his days in court tomorrow, Thursday or next week Monday.

Meanwhile, the defiled 12 year old girl has been shedding tears ever since she was defiled by her biological father. Police say medical report show that the girl sustained severe injuries on her private parts to the extent that she can hardly walk since Thursday. She is currently at Kabwe General Hospital receiving medication and counselling.

Sad Indeed to this little girl. Women please, avoid leaving your girl-children


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