By Koswe.
Highly placed sources have told Koswe that President Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizar Zulu may die of internal injuries after a terrible accident he was involved in last night while on his way from Chongwe where he had gone to inspect a house he is building for his girlfriend.

And sources say Kaizar’s head is ballooning due to head injuries caused by his over speeding.

Koswe investigations have established that Kaizar Zulu is currently admitted at the CFB Hospital in room 12.

State House medical personnel say Kaizar Zulu may die of internal over bleeding injuries.

Meanwhile sources say President Edgar Lungu has for two months now not renewed Kaizar Zulu’s contract of employment as political advisor.

But Kaizar Zulu has been threatening to beat up President Edgar Lungu for not renewing his contract of employment.

President Edgar Lungu and his political advisor, differed over corruption money from known crooks but disguised as businessmen from Lebanon but currently owning Lamasat International in Zambia.

Other than that sources say President Edgar Lungu has realised that once out of State House, Kaizar Zulu and other corrupt elements will not be there for him over unprecedented levels of corruption and dictatorship attributed him.

Below is the vehicle that Kaizar Zulu was driving after he nearly met his fate but medical sources maintain that the President’s Political Advisor may die of internal injuries.

So far only his wife is on his bed side and non of his girlfriends and a few thugs he funds are by his side.


  1. Nadim! Tomato you plant, not tomato you reap? Banana you plant, what you reap Nadim? Let thieves and plunderers reap what they have sown, why should the law of nature have eyes?

  2. A person’s character and deeds should not be such that when misfortune befalls them people rejoice or care less. God be with you ba Kaizar but please change your ways once you recover. We hope that this should be a turning point in your life’s journey.

  3. He is standing in for the high office quite well, may he have many more of these lessons, but he should leave to atone for his sins

  4. I don’t like him a bit, I don’t love him at all. But to wish him death I cannot do. may you recover so that you see the light and the saving grace of God. Let other thieves and crooks also learn a lesson. Leave not your wife to go and commit adultery with another woman. Anyway may God heal this man and use him as His instrument.

  5. This man who has caused alot anguish on many innocent zambians becoz of political power should not die just yet so that he answers to the many attocities he has inflicted on people one day. But he needs to reflect if he survives. Was he wearing the $60.000 rolex watch.

  6. Let him not survive even an inch limbi bufi is he really having internal injuries. Let him not find any cure if it really head injury let his meninges swell ,


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