Kaizar Zulu has become a law unto himself, a nuisance.

And the police can’t touch him – he is untouchable. Kaizar behaves as if he is Edgar’s co-president and not a mere aide. He behaves as if he has presidential immunity.

Everyday there’s some mischief of his in the media. And this doesn’t seem to bother him or his boss, or rather co-president, Edgar.

How can one Kaizar assault a driver whose car he has wrongly hit into? How can one explain his arrogance? How can one explain his brandishing a gun everywhere?

What kind of a political advisor to the President is this hooligan, lawless fellow?
Kaizar’s ending will be very bad.

When a society ignores the law, lawlessness is the result, and chaos ensues.
How can a fellow like Kaizar be the political advisor to the president of the Republic of Zambia? What type of presidency is this that is propelled by a lawless idiot like Kaizar? What type of president can hire a rogue like Kaizar as his political advisor? This speaks volumes about Edgar himself!

Power under Edgar has turned the rule of law into a mere myth.
What Kaizar is able to get away with is shocking.

Lawlessness has become an overwhelming fact of Edgar’s presidency, though little attention is paid to this many non-splendoured phenomenon. How many times have we been told that our country is under the rule of law and that nobody is above it? Yet the country’s legal life under Edgar is defined instead by major zones of lawlessness created, in one aspect, by noncompliance and lack of enforcement and, in another, by raw power. These multiplying zones have pushed the rule of law into little more than a torrent of dysfunctional myths.

For Kaizar the law is far, the fist is near. How many people has Kaizar assaulted and gotten away with it?
If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.

Then, when legal bodies do attempt to speak out against this lawlessness, they are ignored. How many times has Edgar ignored the advice of the Law Association of Zambia? How many times has Edgar ignored the advice of the Attorney General? How many times has Edgar ignored court orders?
Edgar has fomented a culture of lawlessness.

Confucius warned, “If law and justice do not attain their ends, the people will be unable to move hand or foot.”
It would be nice to believe such actions were aberrations from the rule of law. But they’re not; lawlessness in its many exercised forms of raw power is itself the norm under Edgar’s presidency.

What it has wrought is the institutionalisation of criminality – with over-world and underworld often blurring together – planting the seeds of political seizures by dictatorial and corrupt elements.

What can be done? We start with the lawyers, who are not only invested with the monopolistic right to be advocates for clients but should also be obliged, as officers of the court subject to their code of professional ethics, to be the sentinels for the administration of justice. Some are heroically assuming this august obligation to the people. But far too few of our lawyers see the rule of law for the myth it is; too few see the rule of power for the lawlessness it creates. More of them must assume the higher significance of their calling, to respond to the silent cries for justice – the ligament which holds civilised beings and civilised nations together.



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