Kaizer Zulu


The Lusaka High Court has adjourned the matter in which former assistant to the President for Politics Kaizer Zulu is in court for contempt.

In this matter two soldiers Steven Phiri and Steven Chooka want Kaizer Zulu to be cited for contempt after he commented on a matter which is active before court were the soldiers are facing charges of conspiracy to murder former Republican President Rupiah Banda and Kaizer Zulu as well as unlawful possession of NRC’s.

Mr. Zulu last year featured on Diamond TV’s COSTA programme were it is alleged he was asked whether he fired a gun to protect himself and in response Zulu said he did it in self-defense when two soldiers attempted to murder him.

The Soldiers state that Zulu’s statement was prejudicial to the court process and it suggested that the soldiers are assassins.

However when the matter came up for hearing before High Court Judge Mwamba Chanda it was adjourned from the Chambers because Zulu’s lawyers only received instructions yesterday.

The matter comes up on March 31st 2020.


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