Lawyer for State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu, Dickson Jere, says being beaten by your agemate is normal and victims must defend themselves.

In a posting , “My Matero Days” Jere accuses those reporting the matter or “parading themselves” for being beaten, as merely seeking compensation and financial benefits.

“Anyway, I am told now it’s part of fundraising to be beaten and demand compensation” writes Jere.

This follows a video that has emerged where a man known as Joe Coloured appears to be Kaizer Zulu’s latest victim of violence.

Joe was allegedly beaten by Kaizer Zulu at Chicago NightClub and sought medical treatment from hospital.

Dickson Jere is a lawyer defending Kaizer Zulu in the Lusaka High Court in a matter in which Bernard Nshindo, Sengelwayo Jere, Saul Maskoti and Mason Mweemba who were robbed, abducted, brutalized and beaten have sued him and the Attorney General.

Here is the full article.

My Matero Days

By Dickson Jere

When you are beaten by your friends, you could not go and report to your parents.

They will equally whip you for not standing up against your friends.
“Nanga ulibe manja (you don’t have hands to hit back?” Was always the response from parents.

So we learnt the hard way to stand up and fight back regardless of the opponents.

In case they “kunga” you (or in a mob) – your only option was to escape briefly and go to “bolola” by bringing your elder brothers and his friends to hit back.

We never heard of elderly people complaining that they were beaten. It was unheard of in Matero and in fact such a person will be a disgrace to the community, his family and friends. Weak soldier!

It is only now we hear people go in public and parade themselves that they were beaten by their almost agemates without hitting back.
“Nanga ulibe manja?”

Anyway, I am told now it’s part of fundraising to be beaten and demand compensation!

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  1. Jere you are right.

    At times I wonder at how strong this Kaiser Zulu is. It is like he sends shivers to who ever comes into contact with him. Or may be the people are scared because they know how Police act when it concerns people close to state house and so they do not react or fight back.

    If the police were professional in their work, Kaiser would have stopped what he is doing. He is lucky because he has the police behind him just like you said, you go and bring your brother or other people to help. In this case Kaiser has the police so people he attacks are scared of the police.

  2. Comment:If you fought back and there were injuries on both of you and you both went to police, well, the choice for a lesser evil is better


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