… the Prince lands today to a ‘thunderous welcome’

EX- FOREIGN Affairs Minister Prince Harry Kalaba has sent buses to all the 14 districts of Luapula Province to ferry supporters who will welcome him upon his reported arrival in Mansa today.

Prince Kalaba is staging his own welcome to send a message to President Edgar Lungu that he is tearing the PF in Luapula into shreds.

It is however not clear if the Police will allow this function in Mansa to go ahead with a reported cholera case in the area.

Mansa is a hive of activity as Prince Kalaba’s supporters who exited government as Minister is giving hope as Presidential candidate in 2021.

Prince Kalaba is likely to distribute his campaign motor vehicles to help garner support ahead of 2021


  1. Is the man the PF said is not a factor or is just not knowing how to put English words correctly in sentences for them to make meaning.. How can such a sea of people be ignored by any right thinking Politician. The story here means PF is gone.in Luapula.

  2. What is Harry Kalaba up to? Does he want to takeover PF’s Presidency from ECL? PF is corrupt and a dying Party so what is Harry Kalaba hoping to gain by being a President of such a Chipante pante Corrupt Party? Is this a War of Pure Greens in PF Party? If so why is Kalaba not joining CK’s NDC Party? With Luapula, Lusaka, CB etc gone how does ECL hope to survive politically this Tsunami? With Rampant Corruption in PF Party and govt and political implosion, ECL will not survive this Earth Quake. ECL’s Third Term Dream is now in tatters. Time will tell.


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