Singer Kalale Masengu alias Kaladoshas is demanding that he takes full custody of his baby from fellow artist and former girlfriend Cleo Ice Queen because she spends most of her time drinking alcohol and does not even feed the baby.

Kaladoshas says Cleo Ice Queen does not spend time at home or feed the baby as she is always drinking alcohol with her new boyfriends and some friends.

And in response Cleo Ice Queen told Pamulomo that there is no way she will release the baby to Kaladoshas whom she said is very childish and an irresponsible father who does nothing to support the baby.

Cleo Ice Queen who is 29 years once dated Kaladoshas who was only 21 by then, she lied to Kaladoshas that she had no baby and Kaladoshas only discovered later that in fact she was over used and had 2 children from different father’s.
Ice Queen now has three Children all from different father’s.



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