FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has described his relationship with predecessor Kalusha Bwalya as “very bad.”

Kamanga said Kalu was a soccer icon who had achieved a lot as a player, coach and administrator who deserved to be the country’s ambassador.

Andrew Kamanga was speaking last night at the Southern Sun date organised by the Press Freedom Committee.

“Unfortunately, my relationship with my predecessor is very bad. You may wish you to know he called me a few days ago and he said some very bad things.”

“There is a gentleman called Godfrey Chikumbi who has made it his personal devotion to insult me. He has called me incompetent and inept and all that. I have tolerated him. But this time, he crossed the line. He talked about Kalu being invited by the UN for some match.”

“You see, we are proud when Kalu is invited for these things because it is good for the profile of this country. But this gentleman went ahead and said I was going for a BOKO HARAM match in Nigeria while Kalu was going to the UN.”

Kamanga explained that the link to the group that is causing terror in Nigeria was unacceptable and he had to defend himself.

The FAZ boss said he was invited to Nigeria for a youth tournament where the FIFA president Gianni Infantino had been invited and it shall be graced by the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari.

Andrew Kamanga explained his texts after being riled by the link to the group famous for kidnapping girl children in Nigeria.

“He crossed the line and I told him via text to take that nonsense from me. He continued to write then I said, ‘Please take that Kalu nonsense from me or I shall deal with you firmly’.”

“Within minutes, Kalu called me and said some very bad things. Unfortunately, that is where we are. I have since asked my lawyers to look into the Chikumbi issue with police as well.”

Kamanga was answering a question from the floor after his address last night.

And Kamanga says the reduction of the FAZ congress was a FIFA directive to which Football House would comply.

He also disclosed that all FAZ members shall benefit from the $1.2 million Football House shall receive from FIFA.

“When I promised some people thought I was mad, I have the backing of the executive and this shall be implemented.”

He also revealed that despite lack of finances FAZ is determined to find the means to hire a new permanent Chipolopolo coach.

Kamanga also said that referees are being paid and that $100, 000 had been secured from sponsors for this exercise.

Kamanga also said an automated system of selling tickets for Chipolopolo shall be introduced to end the practice of unscrupulous individuals benefiting at the expense of FAZ.

He said as a a competent accountant he was shocked at how FAZ lost income from gate takings due to bad ticketing practices.

The FAZ supremo went further to affirm his commitment to ensure transparency by announcing gate taking.

Andrew Kamanga has also declared that the Chipolopolo shall be picked on merit.

Meanwhile, delegation leader to West Africa Blackwell Siwale has said he could not have put his own life at risk if there were security concerns when the Chipolopolo (and him as delegation leader) used a pontoon.

Siwale revealed that the team used the vessel to avoid missing the Gambia friendly after cancellation of a scheduled flight.

The FAZ executive committee member said the host countries provided maximum security when the team travelled.

And two other executive committee members Lee Kawanu and Dr. Mulenga attended the event alongside FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe .

Lee Lee Kawanu distanced himself from allegations of impropriety over the Airtel Rising Stars programme when Gideon Kaumba asked from the floor for the Kafue Celtic boss to explain allegations levelled against him in the media.

“When you are in football, you need to develop a thick skin. All sorts of nonsense will be leveled against you. I was born in Russia and raised in Kafue. So I have a thick skin. I have personally sacrificed my own personal resources for these boys, how can I be linked to that nonsense?”

And earlier, Liwewe explained that the Airtel Rising Stars had run its course and correspondence from the mobile provider indicated that the sponsorship had come to an end as Airtel were refocusing its marketing strategies.

And Dr. Mulenga has described Kamanga as ‘a responsive man’.

Dr. Mulenga was asked by Kaumba why he had not resigned after reportedly declaring that he would never work with Andrew Kamanga in the event of both winning the election.

The meeting heard that the executive had risen above personal differences and was resolved to advance Zambian football development for the next four years.



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