Kamanga taken to FIFA Ethics Council for embezzlement of $38,000.00 and for nominating himself forna CAF position,BEATS FM has been reliably informed.

Sources have furthered reviewed that On Thursday 6th June 2019, a formal complaint under FIFA CODE OF ETHICS section 58 (right to submit complaints) was lodged against Andrew Kamanga (Faz President) on the breach of the following:

1. Section 29: Conflict of interest. Leading to FAZ $38,000 and receiving it back without supporting authority and accountability.

2 Section 25: Abuse of position. Nominating himself for CAF candidature without FAZ EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE decision.

3 Section 28: Misappropriation of Funds. Sometime in 2016 he paid bills for his friends on FAZ account.

The complaint is addressed to the FIFA Investigatory Committee of the Ethics Committee.

The complaint has been filed under FIFA Article 36 and the complainant remains confidential.



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