CHISHIMBA Kambwili has challenged President Edgar Lungu to deal with corrupt government officials that have been cited in the 2018 Financial Intelligence Centre report if at all he is not involved in the same scams.

“Elo ba Lungu mwaisa pa airport [And Lungu, you come to the airport and say] that the FIC report is speculative because there are no names mentioned nomba mwaumfwa shani (now how do you feel) Amos Chanda alelenda ati (saying that) I have been told that the report that goes to the president has mentioned that I received US$3.3million bushe Lungu taumfwa insoni ngolebepa ubufi (don’t you feel ashamed when telling a lie)? We all know that the FIC has given you a copy that has names; where did Amos Chanda get the fact that he has also been mentioned? So you go to the airport and you want to say ‘there are no names, how do I act?’ Just act because you are also part of the report Lungu insoni ebuntu (it’s human to feel ashamed) stop pretending,” Kambwili said.

And the former PF Roan lawmaker said the government should recall diplomats in the Foreign Service if it could not manage to pay them salaries.

“Why should you keep people in foreign service three months without being paid? When we were telling you that this debt you are contracting is unsustainable, you were telling us ‘it’s sustainable’. Today our staff at the Zambian embassies throughout the world have not been paid, how can you be so cruel to your own people? You send them to be your representatives in foreign countries and you don’t pay them for three months! Efyo ndandila ati bushe welesa Lungu wamufimishye kwi uushakwata uluse ku bantu (that’s why I always ask this question: God where did you find Lungu, who doesn’t have pity for people?) If you don’t want to pay these people in foreign service, recall them and let them come back home ukucila baleculila kwabene baye mukulomba umucele kwabene (instead of them suffering in foreign lands and asking for salt). What kind of government are you? Bunda bwakukolwafye ubuwalwa ba Mwanakatwe, for how long are you going to be drunk? Can you for once behave like Minister of Finance,” he said.

Kambwili also criticised the decision by Ndola City Council to repossess land that it legally allocated to residents in Ndola Hill area.

“I want to urge government to respect Zambians. Zambia is for Zambians and there is no way you can treat our people as second-class citizens in their own country. What is happening at Ndola Hill in Ndola should not be encouraged and should be stopped forthwith. The behaviour of the Ndola City council in respect of the Ndola Hill land should not be condoned by all well-meaning Zambians. This land was given to Zambians and offer letters were given to them. Some of the have even built up to window level but they (Ndola City Council) have rescinded the decision and given this land to a Chinese developer and they have threatened to go and demolish the property belonging to Zambians,” Kambwili said.

“Let me warn the mayor at Ndola City Council and the town clerk that should you dare to demolish the houses of the Zambians who you gave land legally, just know that 2021 you will go to prison. And I want to warn the Chinese developer that you are developing that land at your own risk because we cannot give land to a Chinese against the Zambians. When we come in 2021 mwana China ni kolwe piteni ne mbwa (we will have no mercy on Chinese; it will be tit for tat). If you are listening, don’t go for that land, leave it to the Zambians to build their houses. And to you my brother President Edgar Lungu, stop behaving as if Chinese are the ones who elected you. The people who elected you are Zambians and not Chinese, can you intervene and give the land to Zambians. Otherwise if you don’t give them, when I come into power in 2021, you and the mayor ‘Chimbokaila [Lusaka Central Correctional Facility] finofine mundeta kuno efyo nkamitwala nomba imwe pantu nimwe ba pompwe mukakakwa [the same way you drag me to court, I will also revenge and because you are thieves you will be jailed].”

Kambwili also expressed concern towards the current load-shedding schedule stating that it would impact negatively on investor confidence.

“This load-shedding that has come is becoming a nuisance to say the least. When I was in government, we had 24 projects that were supposed to come on board by May of 2019 to end load-shedding for good and to add an extra 650 megawatts to the grid, meaning that when there is rain or no rain, we are going to have electricity throughout the year. What have you done to these projects? I am challenging Matthew Nkhuwa, your own words two months ago, you said load-shedding will never happen in this country because those projects were scheduled and the completion date was May 2019, meaning by now we should not be having load-shedding but where has it come from again?” Kambwili asked.

“When it came in 2015, it was due to shortage of rainfall and we had not developed a greenfield project, that had nothing to do with hydro generation but what has happened to those projects that we should go back to load-shedding? This will adversely affect the economy and no investor would want to come in the country where they are not assured of electricity. So can we wake up instead of every time dancing at the airport ‘mfwiti mfwiti.”

And Kambwili urged health minister Chitalu Chilufya to desist from cheating people across the country that government would build hospitals when there was a pronunciation by government that austerity measures would be implemented.

“And you Chitalu Chilufya, we are talking about not paying people in the foreign service, ulechita ukwaba by-election, waya mukubepa abantu ground breaking for a hospital. Yesterday I saw on TV in Katuba because there is a by-election iwe mwaice Chilufya nabukabolala ubu wakwata tukesa kukaka (young man Chilufya,with your thieving, we will jail you) stop misleading people. We have hospitals all over which you have not finished; [at] window level, you have abandoned because there is no money. You want to be misleading the people groundbreaking, groundbreaking all over and yet you have said austerity measures! Kanshi mwebantu mwafyalwa shani? Bushe mwafyelwe kubantu nangu mwaponenefye nga Mumbi Makasa? Stop misleading people with ground breaking ceremonies when we have over 200 hospitals that are not completed,” said the NDC leader.

Kambwili was speaking at the Magistrate’s Court after Lusaka magistrate Sylvia Munyinya adjourned the matter in which he is facing a charge of forgery to July 4th.

The matter could not take off because principal resident magistrate David Simusamba was reportedly sick.



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