Chishimba Kambwili


National Democratic Congress Dr Chishimba Kambwili will not appear before the Drug Enforcement Commission to explain allegation of drug trafficking by President Edgar Lungu’s associate, Valden Findlay because he is unwell.
On Monday, Dr Kambwili said the rumourvile has it that Mr Findlay, who is Lusaka businessman, was allegedly using the Presidential plane to courier drugs.

On Tuesday, President Edgar Lungu said drug allegations will be investigated.
On Wednesday morning, the Drug Enforcement Commission summoned Dr. Kambwili for interviews at their Lusaka offices.
According to the call out delivered, Dr Kambwili was expected to avail himself at 10:00 hrs.

But a check at the Drug Enforcement Commission found the absence of Dr Kambwili with DEC deputy public relations officer Kamfusa Manchishi explaining that the interviews would not take place.

Mr Manchushi said Dr Kambwili was unwell, as reported by his lawyers.
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