NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has called on Zambians to get involved in the governance of the country.

Addressing the media at his Lusaka house yesterday when he welcomed to the party Socialist Party spokesperson Fr Richard Luonde, former Luanshya member of parliament Jean Phiri and late Willie Nsanda’s widow Febby, Kambwili lamented that the country was bleeding at the hands of President Edgar Lungu and the PF.

He called on all “those sane, thinking” people that believed in Michael Sata and had remained in PF to join NDC.

He said there was nothing to live for in the ruling party.

“I am calling upon even those that have remained in the PF that the [NDC] door is open. If you believed in president Michael Sata, if you believed in the PF of more money in the pocket, more jobs and lower taxes, this [NDC] is the platform. We have got the original thinking of president Michael Sata,” Kambwili said.

He said the current PF was not a pro-poor party but for the rich.

“If there was going to be a lifestyle audit for the leaders in PF today, I tell about 95 per cent of them would be in prison. We have seen people who were just paupers before they joined government who are stinking rich today, owning property everywhere but we ask where they have gotten the money. We are not going to allow this, it appears that we are celebrating corruption in this country and as a leadership in the NDC, we will not allow this. So I am calling upon those that have remained in PF to come and join us in numbers so that we can defeat this unbecoming behavior of the PF leadership,” he said.

And welcoming Fr Luonde, Phiri, Febby and Newton Chabala from Rainbow party, Kambwili said no sensible person would defect to the PF.

He immediately appointed Fr Luonde as national chariman while Phiri was given the position of deputy secretary general-political.

Nsanda was appointed deputy national chairperson while Febian Mutale who has been Kambwili’s private secretary was appointed member of the central committee and deputy mobilisation chairman.

Others who were appointed as members of the central committee include Timar Thuli Shaba and Chabala who doubles as deputy mobilisation chairman.

And losing Chilubi by-election candidate Kalenga Likuku is now a member of the central committee.

Meanwhile, Kambwili lamented that the PF was campaigning amid COVID-19.

The NDC leader wondered why the opposition were stopped to mobilise under the pretext of the coronavirus while those in the ruling party were all over the country mobilising.

“We are not allowed to mobilise, last week we were supposed to have a central committee meeting, we followed the procedure in getting the health permit but they denied us a go ahead; that political activities have been suspended. Why are you treating the opposition like this? This is a democracy, allow us to meet our members like you are doing, allow us to mobilise,” Kambwili said

Kambwili said President Lungu was being lied to with fake defections of people.

He said what the PF had started doing in faking defections was typical of a party that was on its way out of power.

Kambwili insisted that no normal person would leave NDC to join a sinking titanic (PF).

He said the NDC was ready to have interparty elections as provided by the constitution but the PF was using the police and councils to block their activities.

Kambwili noted that what the PF was doing was creating a constitutional crisis so that NDC would be disqualified because of failure to hold interparty elections.

And Kaambwili applauded artists and social commentators who were now speaking against the PF bad governance.

He warned Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo and the PF to stop intimidating citizens who were politically awake.

“Do not relent, you have done nothing wrong. Continue, I want to wake up early in the morning to your videos on governance of this country. Don’t keep quiet, your influence is needed to liberate this country from PF. Bowman stop it…don’t intimidate the nation, twali ba minister not aya ama rubbish yama ministers tulemona, God help us,” said Kambwili.



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