INSTEAD of sympathising with Kaizer Zulu for being involved in a near fatal accident, Chishimba Kambwili has mocked the President’s political advisor, describing his conduct as not befitting one who works at State House.
Zulu on Sunday night survived a near-fatal accident when his vehicle, a Toyota VX, hit into a perimeter wall at Munali roundabout.

State House sources disclosed that Zulu, who was in the company of an unnamed female ZNBC employee, escaped with minor injuries while the vehicle was extensively damaged. Zulu did not pick up his mobile phone when phoned many times for comment.

“The accident about Kaizer is very true. It happened last (Sunday) night near Munali Secondary School. He was with a lady from ZNBC, a camera lady, and he was very drunk. If you see the vehicle, it’s extensively damaged. It was brought here (State House) this (Monday) morning but they emerged with minor injuries,” the source said. “Last month, he was in an accident in Chilanga during the by-election. This time, it was worse.”

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, when phoned, said: “I know nothing about it; please call the Lusaka police commissioner (Nelson Phiri)”, whose phone, by press time, went unanswered. Since being appointed President Lungu’s political advisor, Zulu has made newspaper headlines for wrong reasons.

At one time, Zulu threatened to shoot Enoch Kavindele Jr after a disagreement at Chrisma Hotel. A few months later, he verbally abused a woman at a fuel service station while drunk. Zulu, without much care, later abused a female police officer and a CAF official during the Under-20 Africa Cup games at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka in the presence of President Lungu.
Zulu was reported to Matero Police Station for the abuse but the matter was silently gotten rid of.

Commenting on the accident, Kambwili said it was unfortunate that the PF administration had reduced the Presidency to the mud going by the conduct of Zulu and others. He said it was not possible for President Lungu to crack a whip and discipline Zulu because he was an accomplice in deals crafted at State House.

“Kaizer Zulu is President Lungu’s confidant in corruption. Kaizar knows President Lungu’s dirty deals and because he knows, he cannot be fired. He does things with impunity. Kaizer is a defacto President; he knows he is untouchable because he knows that he knows so much about the corruption at State House. What can you say about Kaizer? He will only be dealt with after Lungu leaves office. For now there is no law against Kaizer in this country. He is above the police, he is above the courts,” Kambwili said.
“Kaizer called me and threatened me that he was going to sort me out, he was going to make sure that I am always in court and all my money will finish in paying lawyers, it was reported but there was no action. Kaizer threatened Mwenya Musenge that nkakunyanta pamukoshi (I’ll step on your neck)…nobody touches Kaizer. He fires a gun at a hotel, nothing happens, he roughed up a police woman at Heroes Stadium together with CAF officials, nothing happens. He was involved in another accident in Chilanga where he even insulted the police…Kaizer is untouchable; he is above the law. Who can arrest him? Who can talk to him? Who can fire him? Not even the President can fire him.”

Kambwili, a former information minister and chief government spokesperson, lamented that the country had become a ‘Kantemba’ for State House and those who were in government.
“It’s very unfortunate that we have a person working at State House behaving like that just in the name of somebody fearing to be exposed. The Presidency has been reduced to nothing; even Ministers have been reduced to nothing. Look at the quality of ministers we have! Look at the people who have been appointed as ministers! This administration has reduced the Presidency because the President cannot take action on corruption because himself is also an accomplice, an actor in the act. This country has become a Kantemba for State House and those who are in government,” said Kambwili.


  1. Despite all his weaknesses, Kambwili is one man who says the truth. Time & again he has openly called Jonathan & his close staff thieves & corrupt but no action has & will ever be taken on him. Is it that he says the truth & he knows a lot? Or maybe is it that they enjoy being shamed in this manner? Whichever way one looks at it, its not good for the offices they are holding


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