Mwenya Musenge


NDC interim president Chishimba Kambwili will be dealt with and he will learn a lesson, embattled Mwenya Musenge has warned.

Mr Musenge said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that Mr Kambwili’s ‘‘waffling’’ would not help the party in any way, stating that he would soon make decision to deal with the outspoken NDC president.

He was reacting to an announcement that he had been relegated to the position of chairman for chiefs and traditional affairs so that he could start dealing with witchcraft.

“We will leave everything to him, but I can tell you that very soon, he will be dealt with. He likes playing to the gallery.

“Even the UPND, he is following, they have their Members of Parliament at the same forum. So he is waffling and he is following UPND blindly without knowing what he is doing,” Mr Musenge said.

On Tuesday, Mr Musenge threatened to dissolve the party’s National Governing Council if its members continue making reckless statements which are not in the interest of the party.

But Mr Kambwili during a live United Voice Radio programme, said Mr Musenge had no such power and that he was in charge of chiefs and traditional affairs so that he could be dealing with witchcraft.

At one time, NDC Vice-President Joseph Akafumba said Mr Musenge had no authority to represent the party because he was suspended for six months following the expiry of the 21-days forced leave that was earlier slapped on him.

Ahead of the formation of the NDC, Mr Musenge claimed to be the ‘John the Baptist’ prophesying the coming of messiah in Mr Kambwili.

But the two have now taken different paths with each claiming to have authority over the other. – DN


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