By Balewa Zyuulu

Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo has directed the police to speed up investigations into the matter where suspected UPND cadres in company of party leader Hakainde Hichilema allegedly attacked, abducted and disarmed 2 police officers who were deployed to provide smooth passage of the opposition leader in Mpika District, Muchinga Province.

Addressing the media in Lusaka this morning, Mr Kampyongo who directed the police to ensure the culprits are brought to book says it is disappointing that opposition political parties are daring government by being at the apex of violence contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Mr Kampyongo says government will not tolerate any form of violence any longer and whoever is found perpetuating violence will be death with.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo says he is not aware whether Mr Hichilema is part of the people summoned by the police in Muchinga province concerning the incident that left seven people injured, with various items stolen amounting to k10 000 .

But the UPND through its Secretary General Stephen Katuka has distanced the party from the incident that happened in Muchinga Province.




  1. This is strange indeed. Things are just not adding up.
    1. No mention of the people who blocked a public road in an attempt to stop the UPND entourage from using the road;
    2. How is it possible that armed police officers could be abducted by unarmed civilians?
    3. How does an entourage enroute to Kasama stop at Mpika just to attack innocent bystanders?

  2. Kampyoooongo and his uneducated brain.
    Try again, this one is a flop from the beginning. Yes we ask, how could armed policemen be adducted by unarmed group of people who were just passing through to somewhere else? That’s a stage managed story and only an idiot can concoct it and only idiots can buy it.

  3. Information reaching my office, it is like the pf are the one who startedrted throwing stones at upnd entourage that is why the upnd retaliated, can you imagine the police they were among cards and they were in plenclothers. Problem in zambia we don’t have leaders but criminals who are failuring to analyzing issues but good on condemning others. 2021 nonsense .


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