Sikaile Sikaile

By Sikaile Sikaile.


The remarks by home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo, claiming that they have bought all these military weapons to deal with some people who want to cause anarchy next year, are criminal, insensitive and a serious threat to the security of the country.

In other words, Kampyongo, has told us that there will be war next year in Zambia and that we must all prepare ourselves.

Kampyongo, should not think that we are not aware of PF plans to cause trouble next year. We are very much reliably informed about all the evil plans ahead of the elections.

We know where all these military weapons are being stationed and at a right time we shall expose PF government so that the world see how wicked PF government is.

As stakeholders, we are watching and monitoring every step the PF government is making ahead of general elections.

It is not long ago when Davis Chama, defense minister made the same similar reckless remarks that threatens the peace of our nation.
Again the good part about these PF leaders is that they are indeed confused because what they bring to talk in public is what they discuss in dark corners.

Kampyongo and Edgar Lungu should be ashamed to be procuring war military weapons in a nation with pathetic health care services a situation that has led to high losses of lives on daily basis in our health facilities.

In a country were poverty threatens many lives it is disturbing to see those in leadership mismanaging public resources like that buying guns to defend their criminal activities.

The bottom line is that PF want to hold on power, because they are all thieves and criminals who are scared to go to prison.

I want to warn the people of Zambia to keep this in their minds that next year we are going to be dealing with criminals and thieves who have robbed our nation so much wealth, so let us prepare ourselves as citizens adequately.
They have bought guns and all kinds of military weapons for we the citizens, therefore, it is also important for us as citizens to prepare mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically so that we liberate ourselves without fail or we perish forever.

It’s difficult to understand Lungu’s thinking capacity and approach on national matters. He is a very stubborn and arrogant person and we need to handle him the same way he treats us next year.

No amount of genuine advise will change Edgar Lungu and his PF government apart from prison. I’m advising PF leaders to begin renovating prisons for future use.

We can speak million times trying to advise him to behave responsibly, but he won’t listen.

The reason why you see us telling him about his brutal regime is not that he is the person who you can advise and he will change but to set records that on such a particular day we warned you and you ignored.

When dealing with dictators you must document every activity for future reference and this is exactly what we are trying to do with Edgar Lungu and PF government.

Sikaile C Sikaile Good Governance and Human Rights Activist.




  1. Well said it . We are watching. Instead of buying medicines in hospital, buying ventilators, The best, they can do is buy armour vehicles for what? are we at war?
    This is the best Fire extinguisher Kapyongo can do

  2. Ichalo banthu ukwabula umuntu techalo.iyo twana inkondo pamulandu wafyanso.abena zambia bakana pamulandu wa bu kaitemwe.say no to war zambia

  3. In all honest what goes round come back round.Zambia is not at war,with who and for what?interpretation of democracy is “a government of the people for the people and by the people is at work.only fools will not accept it.but by virtue of it they are leaders today.Zambia is a democracy and as such it shall so remain with courtesy of our masters,donors.aluta continua

  4. What can one expect from Katondo Street dollar dealer. His reasoning is same as his height. Soon and very soon he will find himself in prison and give account of every word that has come out of his mouth.


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