Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo, has clarified that it would be inappropriate to compare the treatment of Sesheke UPND Member of Parliament and that of Patriotic Front member, Emmanuel “Jay Jay” Banda because the former’s case is still pending sentencing, adding that the latter has still faced disciplinary action within the party for his conduct.

Hon. Kampyongo said this when he featured on Phoenix FM’s “Tonight Live” program with Chimweka last evening, stating further that violence towards a police officer or any other innocent law abiding citizen will not be tolerated, regardless of who is perpetrating it.

The Minister made reference to Patriotic Front supporters who have not been spared for violence such as those involved in assaulting Justice Minister, Given Lubinda. He further explained that how the Justice system handles matters taken up to them is beyond his jurisdiction, but has insisted that the law enforcers under his Ministry will do their job fairly until it’s taken up by the Courts of Law.

The Minister who is also Shiwangandu MP, has also disclosed that the Zambia Police have been undergoing refresher courses to prepare them for any eventualities this year along with training on new equipment. He added that police will continue moving with live ammunition, but officers found misusing it, will be brought to book as it is currently being done for the incident around Police Headquarters that occurred on 23rd December 2020.



  1. Liar Kampyongo. Sesheke donot let these PF destroy our brother. Please unite amubalumele limitations show them especially Kampyongo and the sentencing judges teach them lessons of their lives . They just want our brother to join them . To my brother be drying are lozi’s bull they should handle u with care Lungu won’t get any vote in sesheke mark my word .

  2. Liar Kampyongo amubalumele limuka babapalisa mwana wapoho yensu . My brother be strong u are a lozi bull. We shall stand with you. Lungu is a joker make sure pipo of sesheke are watching and hearing what us in the ground. Teach Lungu with his minions on the 12/08 let them get 0 votes please . They want him to surrender like kambwili bachepa sana ba idiot. We hmsgalk fight Kampyongo and the sentencing judges be in the look out . Let them not sleep . If u can’t get them let bees get clear their children. Show them Malozi what stuff u are made of .

  3. This is heart breaking to all Westerners. You can even see that Judiciary is controlled by one individual. How many PF maderers have been convicted and how many PF cadres who went even to an extent of breaking UPND car in the presence of Police officers have been convicted?
    Zambia now is a circus. Even when l wanted to suppport PF, this has dented my life and my brain to see evil in PF leadership.


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