The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) has assured the public that the water levels in the Kariba dam are still adequate enough for power generation.

ZRA Acting Chief Executive Manager, Peter Kapinga said the water levels are expected to increase between first and second quarter of 2019.

Mr. Kapinga stated that the escalation of water levels will be due to much rainfall activity in the Kariba catchment leading to increased availability of water for electricity generation at Kariba dam.

He said this in a statement availed to ZANIS today.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kapinga said the water levels at Kariba dam are currently in recession as expected during this time of the year.

He further stated that as of yesterday, December 27, the recorded water levels at the lake were seven metres above the minimum operating level.

Mr. Kapinga noted that the seven metres water levels recorded were two metres higher than what was recorded during the same period in 2017.


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