By David Zulu. 13/11/19

The talk show hosted by Radio Lutanda which featured two senior PF officials whose major theme unbelievably turned out to be Tonga bashing, would wake up Hitler from the flaming beds of hell. Tragically and more seriously, it would make the departed founding fathers and mothers of this country turn in their resting places.

In his reaction to the ugly, heinous and criminal xenophobic attacks by black South Africans against fellow Africans from across the borders and beyond, Zambia’s first President and Pan Africanist Dr Kenneth Kaunda observed, “I never imagined I would live long enough to witness such black on black violence by South Africans against fellow Africans to their north”. Need anything more be said about how KK would think or say about how hate speeches propagated by Radio Lutanda has potential to set this country ablaze?

Some of the radio station managers and presenters that were cited in the Rwandan genocide report are currently rotting in Rwandan jails and at the Hague. The politicians that sponsored them are free or have been pardoned by fellow politicians.

PF and their supporters Abraham Mulenga and John Sampa cannot rewrite history. In 1991 and 1996, it’s only the Southerners that gave Fredrick Chiluba a Bemba speaking person, a 100% parliamentary vote. Why is that fact being put under wraps by the PF?

So now where has this Tonga tribalism thing come from that has bunched the whole tribe as political beings. Just because one Tonga has aspired for public office, which is within his constitutional rights, all Tongas must all of a sudden be criminalized?

Just how do Tongas in the PF feel about such graphic imaging of their tribe by their party? And what would have happened if a pair of Tongas on a Choma Radio Station said what these two individuals said on Radio Lutanda? If Chishimba Kambwili was arrested for allegedly propagating hate speech against the Chinese, then we need to see some action now! Enough is enough. Atase.



  1. Some people find joy starting fires that they have no capacity to put out. Such are the people that need to be brought out in the open and have them justify their words! Where is the PF leadership’s voice? It however does not surprise me for there are ways which beyond mortal control that thoughts of a like minded grouping get exposed to the general public at large! This is the same GBM type language and he too is Bemba speaking! Is anyone identifying themselves as a Zambian really free to traverse Zambia?

  2. If IBA and chanda kasolo have not reacted, it means they are part of the scheme! They only act when the broadcasters say things against government!

    We the people are watching!!

  3. Despite all the tribal integration that has happened in this country over the last half century, it is shocking to hear such decisive tribal talk. To all tribalists, please take note that ethnicity lies latent in all tribal groupings let us not awaken this ugly nature of man. It is the underlying cause of wars and suppression of others. It is plainly barbaric and evil. At this rate, I see some regions of our land fighting to breakaway from this country, and I don’t mean the Barotse issue.

  4. Mwebantu, what is the motive behind this discussion? Since when did we start hearing these discussions? Have we ever had a Tonga leading any country, to act as a precedent or proof to your belief? Pipo where are we heading to? Are those spearheading these discussions of Christ? Is mess we are in caused by Tongas. I may not have control over these discussions. May who sees both internal and external of all human beings judge. Thanks


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