A Katete man who was on Friday Night badly burnt by the candle has been transferred to Chipata General Hospital.

Maybin Mbuzi was badly burnt during the Friday overnight prayer meeting when Prophet Warlord Banda placed a burning candle on his head inorder to chase away demons from his body.

Mr Mbuzi’s young sister (Karen Mbuzi) who is a nurse by profession said her brother sustained burns on his head and body when the prophet ordered that a full burning candle be placed on his body to burn all demonic forces.

“As the candles melt, so do your problems equally vanish!”, Prophet Banda told the congregation. Two other women are battling for their lives in Katete after the same prophet placed burning candles on their heads to chase away demons that were making them barren.



  1. Has the government gone to sleep? How can charlatans be allowed to operate so freely? What is the so called Ministry of Religious Affairs doing? Is the government waiting for a lot of people to be killed by these fake prophets before taking action? Please don’t turn this country into another South Africa where all kinds vile things are done in the name of Christianity. To my fellow Zambians, please don’t be misled by these charlatans. Read your bibles, study the word of God diligently and you will never be led astray.

  2. If you don’t have a calling for healing and deliverance please don’t mock God for he cannot be mocked. People seeking Devine healing and deliverance should also be on alert. You don’t just allow any charlatan to deliver you. The Bible explicitly says that you shall know them by their fruits and these are some of the fruits. Having sexual intercourse with someone as a way of deliverance is ungodly. Making people eat grass, wigs, etc is all ungodly.

  3. just wondering how our people’s thinking has dipped so low. how , on earth , can one believe in this nonsense?
    These fake pastors must face the law


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