A socialite Gazile ‘Smith’ Mwale has been offered a lucrative advertising deal by Zamtel worth millions.

Gazile is a 16 year old Socialite based in Katete district of Eastern Zambia.

For some time now, she has been Vlogging about various hilarious things including comedy and dancing to trending songs.

She caught the attention of a Lusaka based Socialite Mr. Chitambala Mwewa the Managing Director of Simoson Building,who is known as Simon Mwewa Lane.

Mr. Mwewa invited Gazile for an interview at his office,on Facebook as he always does with other persons.

And when Gazile featured on the Simon Mwewa Lane (SML) interview, she caught the attention of some organisation like Zamtel and Trade Kings who want to use her for advertising of their brands and products.

Sources close to the development at Zamtel have told Kumawa that Mr Chitambala Mwewa took it upon himself to make contacts within the management of Zamtel so that Gazile could be offered a deal due to her untapped talent of being an advertising tool.



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