Patriotic Front cadre Inocent Kalimashi populary Known as INO says he will ensure that Katuba bye_Election will be a graveyard for United Party for National Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Ino says he is looking foward to slap Hakainde Hichilema on the face in Katuba because he has been acting to prematurely lately.

The former Intercity commander has also warned United Party for National Development Lusaka Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta that he will be bruised if he dares to fight the PF in Katuba.

He says its time for UPND to stop its violent activities and start to campaign with a message not threats.


“So we have information that the UPND through obvious Mwaliteta are planning violence in Katuba. I want to warn Mwaliteta and his small group of thugs that we will teach them a lesson. We will bruise and burry him in Katuba” he said.

“This is a sign that UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has failed to convince the Zambian people with a message. But we are warning him also, i will personally slap him on the face in katuba. His politics is so premature” he warned.



  1. INO, bushe kwali imbwa kunshila ya kaya ku sukulu iwe? See now, how gullible you are. Nothing to stand for. Ubupuba. Ati I will slap HH, why not slap the idiot that brought on the earth and neglected teaching manners. Idiot!!

  2. Press conference should be held by UPND to prempty PF violence plans and take that fool to court. It is a criminal offence.

  3. Who is the pf spokesperson? Everyone wants to talk. More sad is that they talk senseless. Going by the current economic crisis I don’t see anyone supporting pf. Unless paid up cadres.

  4. This man is already p
    Threatening violence in Katuba. Ati katuba will be a graveyard for HH, he is planning to kill HH. Lord have mercy where can I lodge a complaint and expect justice for my president mwebantu. A precedent has been set. GBM threatened that he will go for ECL’ s throat and a known PF cadre was quick to Lodge a complaint with the police; he was only saved from the gallows by returning to PF. Anyway empty minds always make a lot of noise but please can the police take note and cage this man as he is a security risk in Katuba

  5. Villagers in Katuba must beat up the PF Lusaka thugs if they get to Katuba to win election by violence. It has been done in Sesheke. Roan is another example where the violent were rejected.
    Who told this fool that UPND is violent? If one is protecting himself against the violent it is allowed. When PF targets UPND and UPND protects itself from their violence, it does not make UPND a violent party. Inter city and Kulima tower fools must stay away from Katuba. How everybody wants the election to be peaceful! PF must not fund violence by providing funds and using GRZ resources to have people of Katuba injured by PF army.. We expect the ordinary villagers to teach the PF a lesson if they take violence to Katuba. Beat them up badly.


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