By Staff Reporter

SUSPENDED Football Association of Zambia vice-president Richard Kazala has declared himself the ‘legitimate’ president of the association.

Kazala, who was suspended by FAZ president Andrew Kamanga alongside committee member Blackwell Siwale for allegedly misappropriating K150,000 ticket money, has created a WhatsApp group called ‘We love football’ where he has also added Kamanga .
In his postings, Kazala urged FAZ councillors to oust Kamanga at the next annual general meeting, referring to him as a “wrong unlicensed driver”.

“FAZ family, it’s time to raise (sic), it’s not what we promised you when we campaigned, I still maintain to implement my promises during the run up to March 20th, 2015, unfortunately we have a wrong unlicensed driver. Our bus keeps crushing (sic); new driver required, PSV/ DG driver, careful driver accommodating driver Richard Kazala,” reads one of the posts on the group.

“Gentleman. My Friend Ndanga is sleeping so I shall spare him, he has a lot of responses, I hope I find them when I wake up. Goodnite football family, this is your legitimate FAZ president Richard Kazala signing out. Please don’t exit.”

He later added a contact to the group, urging him oust Kamanga at the AGM.

“Brother Elvis. Welcome Airbone, Goodbye Andrew Ndanga Kamanga. Voice out here and be ready to exit him at the coming AGM,” Kazala posted.

Kamanga later asked Kazala to remove him from the group, but Kazala responded: “My brother, look at how you have painted me and Mr Siwale black in the eyes of the public. Resolve this as president or you won’t like the end as now my muscle is pumping. I have cherished your leadership and respected you all along. Enough is enough…My Friend Andrew Ndanga Kamanga FAZ president, I challenge you to Sonta Apo Wabomba 10 months in office. Sela Tubombeko.”



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