By David Zulu

He is the architect of the chaotic PF convention in Kabwe where people were voting with sticks and pangas. He’s the one who woke up a judge in the dead of the night to sanction a forged document that ushered Lungu at the helm of the PF.

Those Pangas he encouraged at the Convention will now be used against him in the next PF convention. What you sow, so shall you surely reap.

Ive no faith in the methods this man is employing to launder himself. Let him categorically apologize first. He’s responsible for bringing in a government that has impoverished the people to the core.

Zambians must learn to scrutinize and hold politicians accountable to their past actions. These politicians want to deliberately flaunt short memories because they think people are dumb like them.

HH has been the most abused and most scrutinized politician in the history of this nation. His upbringing has been maliciously examined, his past business dealings have been twisted, his Church and his ethnicity and ethnic clansmen have been critically drafted in the the whole process and ridiculed and thrown in the mud. Even his ranching business which forms part of his culture has not be spared but mocked and made cannon fodder of. (Remember how his opponents have warned that if elected in office, cows would invade Cairo road, but they conviniently forget about the beef invasion in Zambeef, Shoprite and all supermarkets around the country)

If this is so for HH, why not for KBF and Harry Kalaba who hardly four years ago, led a vicious and violent campaign against Edgar Lungu’s intra party opponents and in the case of Guy Scott, KBF led a stereotypical campaign based on his Caucasian race. KBF must first explain his actions before he flaunts a face of holiness. He must apologize to the Zambian people before he flashes his fake plastic smile.


  1. KBF thinks the country or a small portion of it knows him for the right reasons but No, the few that know him know him for the wrong reasons, but having said that, it is his democratic right to aspire for the highest post through his political party but do they understand democracy in PF, what has KBF done in PF as a long standing member to make the followers in PF understand what democracy is, from the very top to the bottom of PF structures do they understand that one has a right to aspire for any position?. Since KBF is a long standing member of the PF he should have honest answers to the questions raised and their in lies the mentality of the PF as a party.

  2. He didn’t just end their but also ensures Mtembo was removed first so he could not become an obstacle. He also engineered the attempted formation of a parallel body to LAZ and pushed to have Linda Kasonde impeached. He is the master Mind of the breakdown of Rule of Law. He knew corrupt Judges to take matters to, for favourable outcomes. He is the initiator of the capture of the Judiciary and law enforcement. Maybe he must have made a deal with ECL to go first and then him. You can’t entirely blame ECL because he was beholden by people who saw a chance to loot who put him there. This includes Madam Wins, and bashikilu ba former Finance Minister Chikwanda.


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