It is sickening, absolutely unacceptable and unZambian for an aspiring PF presidential candidate, Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) to seek for Zambia’s number one public office by flaunting ethnic superiority. This is not how a politician seeking the Presidency of the Country should be selling himself to the general citizenry, especially to our young people that look up to us for mentorship.KBF like, GBM are typical tribalists whose evil plans may set this country on fire.

The Bemba vote is the same as the Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, Central or indeed any other part of Zambia. No sane leader will brag like what KBF has written on paragraph 6 of his CV. “I hail from the biggest voting region(Northern Zambia) and I am a member of Zambia’s biggest ethnic grouping.” This is as dangerous, as it is contentious and divisive. It inflames sectarian interests and passions that have the potential to divide this country along ethnic lines.

If this is the kind of leadership that is seeking plot one, then Zambians must kiss goodbye to a united Zambia. This is what keeps dividing us as a people, this is what drags this country backwards at the expense of national unity and peace, which are essentially the critical components of development.



For example, Luapula Province which KBF and his PF companions claim is their ‘bedroom’, (whatever that implies), according to CSO findings, the region lagged behind in development and remains the poorest province in Zambia, with 81% of its population living at less than half a dollar per day. This is by any description extreme poverty of a province that enjoys approximately 80% of Zambia’s fresh water bodies and arable land, whose fertility ranks among the highest in Zambia.

In this age we should not be talking of votes on ethnicity (Tribe) because our country is bigger than any tribe. Zambians should be wary about decisive politicians like KBF who instead of uniting us, are bent on promoting politics of ethnicity. A good leader should not be measured by the ethic group they hail from, but by their character and the quality of their vision for the entire country and not only one part.

As a matter of fact, what Zambians are going through currently rests squarely on Kelvin Fube Bwalya’s shoulders, and it’s high time he took full responsibility. He led a bunch of thugs that fidgeted around the PF constitution and then woke up a Judge in the dead of the night, to canonize the current nightmare we are all going through. KBF is dead wrong if he thinks his current image laundering based on ethnicity will make Zambians forget about the mediocrity in leadership he helped usher under the cover of darkness.

Let the PF, Edgar Lungu, KBF and all their fellow tribalists be informed that even if they once again meet in the graveyard hour and awaken the devil from the gates of hell and hire his services to sign documents, to endorse another candidate than Lungu, PF won’t win in 2021. The damage to our economy and the divisions they have caused among our people are insurmountable and will only be corrected by a prudent party whose President is not part of this nonsense. All the current secret presidential wannabes and aspiring wild cat candidates for PF including KBF, participated in bringing down a vibrant and decent country to its present levels of a Banana Republic. They set citizen against citizen and they have stolen their wealth, they cannot be trusted with the divine duties of national leadership.

UPND, President Hakainde Hichilema and all the people of Zambia from all regions will work together, to restore the pride of Zambia among the community of Nations, and will labour day and night, to ensure the economy is resuscitated to benefit all Zambians and not only a few as is the current situation under the PF.

Hon Patrick Mucheleka
Deputy Secretary General, Politics




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