While, the Patriotic Front is busy finding ways of getting rid of Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube from the Party, the man looks set to contest the next elections.

Fube, commonly known as KBF, has decided to give a blind ear to all the discussions and attempts to have him thrown out of the Patriotic Front.

Over the weekend, KBF made several stoppages in different towns on the Copperbelt and met various groups, among them some Patriotic Front members and the clergy as he strategizes with his political moves.

He looks resolved to fight for the presidency as he continues to engage members of the ruling party that feel left out on a number of issues.

During some of his meetings, KBF learnt how selfishness has taken over the Patriotic Front as only a small group is benefiting from whatever empowerment program comes up.

“Yes, we met with him and we discussed a wide range of issues. Truth be told, our President is surrounded by wrong people. What is happening to him is exactly what happened to Rupiah Banda as things stand. The grassroots are suffering and there is no hope because only those at the top are benefiting and don’t have a heart to share,” one of the Patriotic Front members who met KBF said on condition of anonymity.


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