Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD youths have said that Government takeover of Konkola Copper Mines KCM should be done with the soberness it deserves as it affects thousands of lives in the mining town.

Commenting on the KCM/Government debacle MMD National Youth Chairperson Dauzeni Tembo said the situation at KCM is delicate and requires deep reflection as the livelihood of not only the town but many lives in the province is at stake.

He cautioned the delegation tasked to handle the matter not to conduct themselves dishonorably but instead exhibit high levels of integrity as any mess will have the face of the Republican President.

He said the President should ensure that the best interest of the country takes centre stage if the situation is to be redeemed.

“As MMD youths, we believe the takeover of KCM was long overdue owing to the public outcry over the years due to the numerous bad business practices by Vedanta Resources.

“We strongly believe this is a very critical issue that requires Zambians to come together to redeem the situation to save lives that are at stake. We need to be as sober as possible because this affects thousands of lives. Its a community’s livelihood at stake. As youths in the party we want to encourage President Lungu to remain resolute in protecting Zambia’s best interests in this quagmire,” he said.

He said as opposed to finger pointing stakeholders should show unity of purpose by supporting the decision by Government which was made to protect the interest of the country.

He further urged government to remain open to advise regardless of where it is coming from.

“Stakeholders should deeply reflect on what is supposed to happen. To the politicians, this is not an issue we should isolate to gain cheap political mileage. We must be Zambians above all.

“This should not be about President Lungu but this matter affects all of us, the copper being exploited belongs to all of us and the thousands of jobs at risk are our fellow Zambians with families to fend for who should not be thrown to the streets,” he said.

He said the KCM takeover is the biggest test of President Lungu’s leadership and urged him and the PF to tread carefully and ensure that they are sensitive to the plight of the affected people in the mining town and the surrounding communities.

“The ‘KCM takeover’ is by far the biggest test of President Lungu’s leadership let alone the Patriotic Front as a political party. Therefore,
we want to caution our colleagues PF who are in government to tread carefully and be sensitive enough to the plight of ultimately the miners whose livelihood is now in danger.

“Those tasked by the President to look at this issue must help President Lungu and act with honor and integrity in the interest of Zambia. No one should take advantage of the situation to begin to make deals. We all ought to understand that ultimately there is no winner nor loser, there is no middle ground because stakes are high,” he said.


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