The home coming network team in the USA have Honoured king Mulambwa Santulu, with an Award for being instrumental to abolish slave trade in Barotseland by instructing those who were selling people to stop and instead to sell dogs thus name ” Mulambwa” came about. There was a holding pane for slaves( spelling check) near his village Situlu called ” kasa ka ma mbali” thus Mulambwa warned his people not join in the scam. Mulambwa was the 10th male Litunga of Barotseland, who ruled Barotseland from 1780 -1830.

Senior Chief Anañanga Imwiko received the distinguished Award on behalf of Barotse Royal Establishment
and the people of Barotseland as a whole in Virginia, USA, on Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, addressing the African-American Homecoming conference on Saturday evening, Barotseland delegation leader Senior Chief Anang’anga Imwiko told the Homecoming and Trade Conference that Barotseland is a promised land. He said the Barotse Royal Establishment will support all the development projects which African -Americans homecoming wants to undertake in Barotseland as they will provide employment and other opportunities to the Barotse youths. He also told the conference that Barotseland needs investment in all economic sectors as it becomes the Global Centre for restoration and trade. He talked about the tourism potentials of Barotseland, aquaculture industry, unexplored minerals, Business potentials i.e upgrading and mordenization of Mongu Harbor, hospitality industry, manufacturing or factories etc.

The African-American Home coming conference ended on Monday, in Virginia, USA. It’s main focus was on processes to enhance tourism, trade, and investment projects in Africa particularly in Barotseland as well as focus on processes towards an official coming of African-American blacks to Barotseland. The Conference also looked at the 2019 commemoration anniversary of African-American blacks to mark 400 years of their history in America.

File pictures: Barotse delegation rock in Misisi and Liziba at the just ended African-American homecoming Conference in USA


  1. I must say this was a good cause spoilt by the team selection. Those who should have been on the delegation were not selected instead we see concubines, wives and of course some without Barotse origion. As a Lozi, am greatly ashamed.


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