By Mbunga Pan Africanist

In 1953, as part of the Barotse Native Government’s(BNG) efforts to maintain relations with the British, King Mwanawina attended the coronation ceremony in Bixham .

Accompanied by his son, Siisii , The Prime Minister(Ngambela) and Induna Katema , the Delegation were shown round the De La Warr Pavilion by Mr and Mrs Hind-Smith

From the balcony, overlooking the Colonnade, they caught a glimpse of Porpoise, a shoal of which were disporting themselves a few yards from the beach.

Sir Mwanawina Lewnika III was Knighted by the British and Honoured with medals for his gallantry efforts in the World Wars. He was crowned King of the Barotse in 1948 where he was forced to sign the Barotseland Agreement 1964 by UNIP nationalists which merged Barotseland to Northern Rhodesia. He died in 1968.



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