A Catholic Priest Fr. Costa Cheepa says the statement makes rounds in social media attributed to Gospel Artist Chisenga Mumbi popularly known as Kings Malembe Malembe that he said God will punish Southerners who have refused to vote for Edgar Lungu makes sad reading.

Fr. Cheepa says Kings Malembe Malembe is not God to breathe fire on the people of Southern province.

He wonders when God became vindictive to a region for not giving a platform to a President.

The Catholic priest says such utterances if true are dangerous and uncalled for especially in country that calls itself a Christian nation.

Fr. Cheepa advised political and church leaders to counsel people that are bent on making divisive statements.

But Singer Malembe Malembe says he has never said anything against the people of Southern Province.

He says some people are just trying to turning his image.


  1. There is this foolish thinking in PF leadership and followers. Southern Province does not belong to any tribe but Zambians. When someone says Southerners, is it the land that he is cursing or people who go to settle there? No matter these evil PF forces the day of reckoning is coming.


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