Christopher Kangombe


The Patriotic front has suspended its Copperbelt vice Provincial Chairman Christopher Kang’ombe for his alleged refusal to line up and greet the First Lady Esther Lungu during her recent visit to Kitwe.

Mr. Kang’ombe who is also Kitwe mayor has been suspended for gross indiscipline according to the party.
The Party has since given him 14 days period in which he should appeal to the Provincial Executive Committee’s decision to the General Secretary through the PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman.

According to a letter signed by PF provincial chairman Nathan Chanda, Mr. Kang’ombe was suspended because of gross indiscipline when the first Lady Ester Lungu came to the Copperbelt two weeks ago

and PF chairman Nathan Chanda has confirmed in a statement the suspension of kang’ombe saying the PF Copperbelt executive unanimously decided to uphold the recommendations of the disciplinary committee requesting the central committee to consider invoking article 74, clause 30(vii) as recommended by the provincial disciplinary committee to debar the position of the provincial vice chairman

The provincial disciplinary committee has regretted the conduct of Eng. Kan’gombe in which he refused to line up and greet the first lady

Mr. Chanda said the disciplinary committee has in the meantime suspended Eng. Kan’gombe from all party activities


  1. So Kangombe is now an independent mayor ka? Utumilandu utwabusushi busushi fye kwati ni aka kene ka kunkubiti pa menso. Who elected the so called first lady for any serious idiot to discipline anyone for not greeting her? Is first lady a constitutional office under bakabwalala?

  2. Hands Spread disease!
    In the midst of Corona virus disease outbreak, you still want to insist on handshakes?
    Don’t you have more important things to do?
    We have too many Bosses in Zambia than leaders! It’s pathetic!
    Amwa peeling to kakunkubiti to respect constitutional offices. First lady is NOT a constitutional office!


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