William Wapi wrote…


Gentlemen, before your music punched through the barriers of Social Media, surfaced on our respective timelines, spoke to us and won our hearts over which subsequently made you go viral, there was an attempt by a named Political Party

The attempt was to use beloved musicians who Zambians spent years supporting and building, hypnotise them with Stolen Cheese to produce Mass Diarrhea mixed with Broken Glass. And, boy, did they produce! Within days of Production, Zambians were waist deep in Fecal Sludge and Broken Glass

The idea was to force this mixture down our throats and ears. Boiling Liquid Waste Material flowing ever so gently down our pipes while ripping it apart. Garbage in, Blood out. Some would vomit their very guts out. Their bodies rejecting the acidic poison. The pain was excruiciating. People were losing hope until WAIT!

Whats that there? That right there rising up from the far distance like the sun but silver like the moon. A very Large and Tall Glass of what looks like—ah, yes! WATER—thats a Large Tall Glass of ice cold, refreshing, clean and healing water from the North. “Dollar” and “Babufi” by The Luapula Boys, Knack Unity. What—ah—bloody—Treat!

You, Gentlemen, have given Zambians a choice. They don’t have to listen to music that sounds like an Evil Teacher scratching the Chalkboard with her Talons. They can listen to something relatable. They can either wade and wallow in Diarrhea mixed with Broken Glass, OR They can choose a healthy lifestyle and



  1. They are giant killers, with just a single stone from their sling they have managed to put down the entire cadre-lwanya musicians to the wire.


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