The name that we call Lukulu today came about when King Lewanika went for hunting purposes in area called Nangula. As he was been asked about his area of jurisdictions, he answered in Luyuna saying “Litunga lwange likulu” meaning my land is big. The Mambowe changed the name from Likulu to Lukulu. It was declared a district around 1964 when Zambia got independence.

Lukulu District Is Known As The Land of Plenty, Translating An Abundance of Everything Needed to Survive And Flourish.
Lukulu is a market town in Barotseland, on the Zambezi River, and headquarters of a district of the same name.
Its also has a Royal Palace at Namayula Kuta, where senior chief Anang’anga Imwiko resides.
Ethnics grouping found in this area are the Mbowes, mbunda, chokwes, totela, milangu, and nkoya of which all form silozi.

And lately the luvales, kaondes and lundas are slowly invading the area.
The first to settle in this area are the Mbowes. There chief is imenda who made the first Royal drum at Namuso, the drum is called mwenduko.
Mwenduko is the Royal drum that guides the people about the movements of the king and time to sleep. And it also informs the people that his majesty the King is around.

Access to Lukulu town is limited to only a few unsealed roads which do not see much traffic. Fish from the river provide most of the local diet, and some are exported to other parts of Barotseland and including Zambia away from the river.
Bush meat, birds etc and farming is traditional.
Crops such as maize, millet, rice, cassava, sorghum, and sweet potatoes etc
Lukulu is at the north end of the Zambezi’s Barotse Floodplain which at that point has not developed its full character, being narrower and less flat than it is further south. Every year between December and April, the river rises above the low banks of its main channel and spreads across the floodplain.

There is a small pontoon ferry across the river, with a beach lying on the opposite bank of the main channel.
Lukulu is also home to a Lukulu district hospital, two markets, one for the Barotse Royal Establishment and other half joint between BRE and local council and several schools, including the new lukulu boarding secondary school and the old Lukulu hospital which is turning into Lukulu school of Nursing starting in July.

In 2012, Zambia’s late president Michael Sata created another district within Lukulu and named it Mitete district.

The rough roads are the only problem which stops trade and tourists from reaching the town. The district has never seen tarmac road ever since it’s creation but only gravel roads. The district connects to Zambezi, Kabompo and kasempa districts. And it also connects to the neighbor Angola 🇦🇴.

With Concerted Effort Both From Government And The Private Sector, This Place Can Be a Tourist Attraction That Could Generate Income For The Locals During Summer Time.
Each year around July-December the districts received thousands of tourists who visits the area in many famous areas like in Ngulwana, Zambezi river etc

Stand Up For The Development of Lukulu District…


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