By Chipango Kashele

While the BRE and Ngambela Mukela Manyando, Induna Mukulwakashiko Mowa Zambwe, Induna Kalonga Nalishuwa Lubasi, Induna Namuyamba Dominic Lisulo Batuke, Induna Katema Aketata Batunda are busy wasting time on Munyinda Munukayumbwa and fighting Barotseland Activists, the illegally and Malitia movement called Mbunda Royal Establishment is busy operating in full function.

The Dethroned chief Mwata Josia Inyambo nyumbu and his movement are mobilizing funds and creating parallel structures across the 16 districts of Barotseland.

They are mobilizing funds from their sponsors to help in funding the much anticipated this years Cheke cha Mbunda ceremony to be held in Nan’oko at Mr Josia Nyumbu’s residence this October.

They have also created two wings thus , security militia wing which is currently going some trainings in Kaoma and Angola. The other one it’s a youth wing that will be collaborating with the security militia wing. The two wings are preparing to cause havoc and war should the BRE try to stop them from holding a ceremony this year.
The militia wing is been trained and they will be equipped with guns, machetes, slashers etc

Most of the mbunda businessmen and women that are operating in the 16 districts of Barotseland are sponsoring the project. And one Induna at the BRE is helping them with full information on how to dismantle the BRE and the weak Litunga.

Among the Leaders of this Movement called Mbunda Royal Establishment is Mr Josia mubukwanu Inyambo Nyumbu (chairman) , Proff Biemba Maliti (Vice-chairman) based in Kitwe, Kaoma district D.C. Kennedy Liale Mubanga (coordinator), Kelvin Jamba Mbwanga Bisenga (organizer) based in Livingstone, recently incorporated Mbunda activist Mwata Nyundu from Kalabo but currently in Lusaka aged 26yrs. Plus a good number of former Angolan refuges who are now living in Barotseland. Illegal meetings usually take place in Mongu’s Katongo area, Nan’oko and Kaoma.

However this Movement is fighting the recognized Body that has been there, the Cheke cha mbunda. The Nyumbu group created the Mbunda Royal Establishment in 2014 and wanted to declare himself as Paramount chief of all Mbundas in Zambia. He also created a new traditional ceremony called cheke cha mbunda copying from the recognized body name that protects the welfare of all mbunda speaking people in Zambia. Using the former Kaoma MP late Antonio, They brought inn radio cheke fm and bought the land in Kaoma district and the piece of land is where the Nkoyas used to celebrate the kazanga traditional ceremony forcing the Nkoyas to shift and go further outskirts of Kaoma. The mission of cheke radio fm is to create a mbunda kingdom in Barotseland.

Currently it’s chairperson Ms Claire limbwambwa and committee members have refused to recognize dethroned chief nyumbu and his group. And all the mbunda chiefs in Barotseland including the mbunda king in Angola have refused to recognize Nyumbu and his activities.

Last year, The BRE stopped the ceremony to take place , where lawsuit was issued and court failed to determine the case referring it to Lusaka. Mbundas went ahead with the preparation of the ceremony but BRE sent the Iinyungandambo guys and went wiped out all Mbundas and almost killed the illegal chief and burnt the old palace and Makishi dances run away leaving the place. The illegal chief lived in the forests.

This time around the have vowed to dismantle Litunga/BRE and its agents.

Secretariat Operations centre Manager who is Mr kelvin jamba mbwanga Bisenga details is +260979311608.



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