By Mwebantu Zambia

“PF government said it was publishing leaked classified information which was a big risk to the security of the country”

One of Zambia’s leading and influential media Facebook Page “KOSWE” has been deleted from Facebook causing its followers to be stranded.

It is reported that PF Administration sent messages of complaints to Facebook stating that KOSWE Media was leaking sensitive government documents to the public therefore threatening the security of the country.

The petitions which were signed by Presidential Spokesman Amos Chanda, Defence Minister Davis Chama, Home Affairs Minister Staven Kampyongo and Justice Minister Given Lubinda complained to Facebook that if KOSWE media is not restricted the security of the country will be at great risk as some unknown government officials were leaking sensitive information to the media which in turm publish everything without taking into consideration the sensitivity of the classified information.

Koswe Media’s fame rose after its report that GBM would resign from UPND to rejoin PF came to pass. Koswe also correctly predicted that PF administration would run away from GBM as a way of embarrassing him shortly after his defection.

PF leaders and carders are currently celebrating the departure of KOSWE which was giving them sleepless nights.



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