By Barotseland Watchdog Reporter
Barotse Plains. There is very low water levels worth holding the Kuomboka Ceremony.

No matter how BRE will force matters, there is total dry spell in Barotseland – NO water for BRE to hold Kuomboka Ceremony or maybe they will fill the plains by pouring bottles of left over mineral water from their dark corner meetings with Northern Rhodesian leaders. Keep your money unless you want to fatten BRE’s pockets.

But since we have a modern day Litunga and Kaunda’s institution of BRE, they may use vehicles from Lealui to Limulunga Palace just to make sense from nonsense.

It seems we are yet to witness a special Kuomboka Ceremony this year where people have decided to paddle mwalishabati (barotse sands).

One wonders why BRE is having sleepless nights to host the Kuomboka when we have life threatening issues affecting the people Barotseland like liberation from slavery and colonisation from Zambia. It’s high time BRE officially declared that they are enemies of the people of Barotseland so that we see who they will represent kapa mwendi Kaunda’s shadows is what they represent…….

This year’s Kuomboka Ceremony Budget is estimated at K752,550

Picture: Dry Barotse Plains


  1. The Water could be in a Zanaco account, just contact the relevant authorities. and it will be discovered, things in Zambia get discovered after a public complaint.


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