Laura Miti Writes

Enough of Edgar Lungu!

A President as incompetent and damaging to the national good as Edgar Lungu is, wants to stand in 2021! He facilitates political violence by using the national budget to arm police against his own people.

He announces that he can’t live without a corrupt Minister. No Edgar, enough of you now mwe. Just who do you think you are that just for hunger for power you should destroy a whole country??


  1. Zambia has had enough of noise makers of the likes Laura Miti. They add nothing to the well being of Zambians except to show off their writting and speaking talents.

  2. ba laura respect is gud Mr lungu is a Republican president pliz don’t just open yo mouth and start making noise. no is peffect dear. shame on u dear pliz don’t cry for us cry for yo shameness.


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