By Laura Miti

Government has placed KCM under liquidation. We are told that the Liquidator, Mr Milingo Lungu, will keep operations and all workers in place while a smooth transition to a new owner is made. I googled Mr Milingo Lungu and found he does have a rich CV as follows:

1.He is on the LAZ Council
2. He was one of the lawyers that won President Lungu the right to stand in 2021 in the Concourt

3.He is the Chairperson of Zambia Airports Cooperation
4. He is a part time lecturer in civil and criminal procedure at the University of Lusaka
5. He holds a LLB from UNZA.

I was not able to find the Liquidator’s experience in this kind of complex liquidation. I am sure we will be told. As we will be told the experience that he will bring to overseeing the management of a mine.



  1. You have 100% hit the head of the nail. PF does not use experience in giving out very complex assignments but political patronage. For them it is about plundering. They dont care whether it is done professionally or not. It is explains why we are in this mess. You find a company with no capacity and experience in oil supply is given a very big oil contract. PF is a network of theives. For instance the same lawyer, I read that he was used as a conduit for Chitotela and ECL deals.


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