EDGAR Lungu has brought shame and ridicule to the Presidency by allowing critical public institutions of governance to be used as platforms for violence and terror against innocent citizens, says Anthony Bwalya.

Bwalya, who is UPND presidential spokesman, said what happened at Shibuyunji when a battalion of heavily armed police officers raided the home of Hakainde Hichilema’s in-laws was an act of terrorism by the PF regime.

Bwalya said the recent “terror attack” on a village in Shibuyunji, purportedly under the pretext that a village household belonging to the cousins of Mrs Mutinta Hichilema was harbouring offensive weapons, is yet another example of the recklessness and lack of exercise of good judgment and common sense by the PF regime intent on holding on to political power by all means necessary, including by terrorising citizens.

“We note that the PF regime has systematically been abusing public institutions to intimidate, brutalise and terrorise the Hichilema household as a way to silence the voice of democracy in Zambia,” Bwalya said. “And going by their own signed exit note, it has been established that the police officers who raided this innocent village homestead at Shibuyunji in fact found no indication of any purported weapons at the location, despite digging up the whole area in search of imaginary weapons.”

Bwalya said it is also believed that “the government mercenaries who terrorised a whole village under a dirty search warrant” were sent to plant weapons at the village establishment in Shibuyunji, in an attempt to falsely frame and implicate Hichilema in crimes he and his entire family have no knowledge or involvement in.

He said President Lungu has a duty and responsibility to ensure that the power vested in the State is not arbitrarily used to brutalise and reign terror on Zambian citizens while he – the Commander-in-Chief – turns a blind eye.

“We urge President Lungu to immediately summon the home affairs minister Mr Stephen Kampyongo, to explain why an army of heavily armed police officers were dispatched to Shibuyunji to terrorise and brutalise a whole village under false information. Zambia is a Christian nation and we believe in justice for all,” said Bwalya.

He said an injustice done to one innocent citizen injures and violates the conscience of the whole nation, and everyone had a responsibility to fix it.

And Hichilema said the desperation by “the corrupt PF” must stop immediately.

“…a battalion of heavily armed police went to raid myiIn-laws homes in Shibuyunji district in search of imaginary weapons. They dug the maize fields and yards and literally turned my in-laws houses upside down as onlookers watched in shock,” said Hichilema in a statement. “In all honest, Mr Edgar Lungu must know that I, Hakainde Hichilema and my wife Mutinta including our in-laws have no weapons besides God. Other than God, the people of Zambia and their voters’ cards are our weapons. Leave our in-laws out of this and face us head on in terms of how this country can be developed. We are aware that the PF is having sleepless nights and wants us to stop being their challenger in the August elections, but they must not push their luck too far. We call upon all Zambians to remain calm and focused and not be disrupted by such intimidation by the PF as exhibited today.”


  1. Fire the home affairs minister together with ig and deputy ig.this is unnecessary in a democratic christian nation.totally unacceptable.im sure the presido is in the dark.if he is aware then I fear for this country.

  2. But the truth of the matter is that why is the president allowing such dirty works if he is not involved in HH? What is ECL wants to do with his political opponent HH? How does he go to an extent of wanting to eliminate the who family of HH? Why if he is not aware of happenings allowing Kampyongo and Kanganja do such criminal evil satanic activities on an innocent citizens? Is this what is called Christianity or humble leader?
    Please ba Lungu check in your shoes and remove the itching socks from your shoes. Even those few people who loved you, because of such hatred, will turn arround against you. Dont be like Soul and David in the Bible. If you have not read the story, l ask you to read the scriptures ” 1 Samuel 13:14 – finish reading all the remaining chapters.

  3. This is UNIP part 2!
    PF has really taken us back to the dark old days when police could do impromptu house to house searches targeting someone in a particular locality.
    Our National Anthem has stopped making sense! Are we really the land of the free?
    Could this be the true meaning of Dununa Reverse where everything good has been reversed or taken away!

  4. It’s impossible for him not to know orders are given for the so called police to act and he reads the media and intelligence updates him every day but he never talks about the happenings am certain his aware and just doesn’t care.


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